Electric bikes

An innovative new company from New Zealand is leading the charge for a new solution of travel that utilizes Green Technologies and is also just a whole lot of fun to drive.  The Volto Electric Bikes are now being made available to the global general public.  With four different models to choose from, they each are priced very affordably at around $1499 while shipping is also offered to any doorstep around New Zealand.


Good looking electric bike Volto


The Basics

Imagine a regular touring bicycle with a step-through design.  Now add an 18 inch long battery, hidden underneath and behind the seat, enclosed in a nice leather covering case that keeps it safely hidden from view.  The Volto Electric Bikes are taking Europe by storm because they are fun, inexpensive, and speedy.  They can travel up to 32 KM per hour, or nearly 20 MPH in America, and can run for hours on a single charge.  The 36 V/ 12 Ah Lithium batteries recharge quickly, or owners can drive it the old fashioned way…with the pedals.


The Extras

The power of this little battery enhanced vehicle is quite remarkable.  You can save the charge for climbing steep hills during long bike expeditions or power your electric bicycle for a leisurely jaunt around the neighborhood.  All you have to do is flip the switch for instant muscle and speed.  The four models of Volto Electric Bikes NZ are each designed with motion sensors for tracking your speed, expanding drum brakes, front end suspension, and a load capacity of 110 KG or 242 lbs.  This means that the lightweight aluminum alloy frame is easy to handle while providing increased sturdiness and durability!  Check out our website today for the latest models.